Community Development

Demonstrating Christ’s love in action is a vital part of bringing people to the knowledge of Christ. All AE’s mission outreach is complimented by effective community development projects with a special emphasis on helping on vulnerable women. We support our front-line outreach with long-term community development projects around Africa as well.


These projects bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Many offer a long-term route out of poverty and abuse which is something that is often missing in crusade evangelism. From teaching marketable skills to former prostitutes to building toilets in the slums, the impact is truly inspirational.
Here are just a few of our ongoing projects across Africa:


29098411171_8860edfb48_zAfrican Enterprise works with women at risk in Malawi, Ghana and Rwanda, through programs that give them marketable skills and teach them the Gospel. In Malawi, what started as a small group of women meeting in someone’s garage, has blossomed into a twice-a-year project that trains 40 women in tailoring.

“The project is for prostitutes, widows, or women coming from very poor families where they cannot make ends meet,” says Enoch Phiri, Team Leader of AE Malawi. “We call them vulnerable women.”

They live together for 6 months to learn about hygiene, gain cooking skills, and learn to sew, and at the end of the course are each given a sewing machine with which to start their lives afresh.

In Ghana, girls and young women living on the streets are given fresh hope through AE’s training program for former street kids.

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28577324483_35a6b0591d_zIn many cities of Africa, Bible colleges are scarce and the resources to attend and keep them running are few. Because of this, many African pastors have never had the chance to be formally trained in church leadership and theology. African Enterprise trains local pastors in Rwanda, Malawi, and Kenya, offering them a Certificate in Preliminary Theology from Moore College in Australia. AE also conducts leadership training and workshops at its missions across Africa, bringing Gospel training to those with a passion for evangelism.

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DSC_8156AE realizes the importance of living out the Gospel in DEED as well as in WORD. From building water tanks in Rwanda, to taking hygiene products to women prisoners in Ghana, to offering food to flood victims in Malawi, we work to make people’s lives a little better by meeting some of their most pressing needs. One of the places we go is into the Nairobi slum of Korogocho, to do a simple, yet powerful thing: build toilets.

Korogocho is one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya with 150 000 people crammed into 1.5 square kilometers of the city.

“We’ve built between 120 and 130 toilets over the years in Korogocho,” said Edward Ngaira, Team Leader of AE Kenya. “It’s a very poor neighbourhood where people don’t usually have the luxury of a toilet. You rarely find such facilities there.”

After building the toilet, AE goes to the surrounding homes and prays with people. One particular community was full of Muslim families and AE got the chance to share the Gospel through prayer with them.

“The presence of that toilet must be preaching to them every day about the love of God,” said Edward. “It’s one of those silent ways of preaching, a beautiful way of presenting the Gospel without confrontation.”

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In Sub-Saharan Africa, 24.7 million people are living with HIV – it is the most serious HIV AIDs pandemic in the world. In Tanzania, about 1.4 million have AIDs and the country is working hard to combat the disease. AE has joined that fight.

African Enterprise provided scripture-based training to teachers, parent’s and students in Magu district, Tanzania, through an education and awareness campaign that reached thousands of young people in 58 schools.

One of those schools was Manala Primary, where Yohana, a grade six student went to school.  “Before training, I had beliefs in traditional myths about HIV and AIDS,” he said. Like many of his friends and family, he followed the social stigma associated with HIV, where anyone with HIV is ostracized by their own community.

“Following the AE training, I discovered that the way of God is based on truth and understanding and not on myths or rumors,” said Yohana. “I’m now comfortable talking to my parents when discussing changes in my body and talking about HIV and AIDS.  I am confident that I am special and unique and that God loves me and he wants me to live a life of purity.”

Yohana became a Christian through the campaign.

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The first African Enterprise Foxfire Team was established in 1980 when ten young men and six young women were sent out to the rural areas, townships and schools around Zimbabwe to take the Gospel to the people of their own country.

Mwenje we makava (Shona,) or Operation Foxfire, was originally named after Samson’s act of tying fire to the tails of 300 foxes and setting fields ablaze; a picture of the Holy Spirit setting ablaze the hearts of men and women with the Gospel.

Operation Foxfire has grown over the last three centuries, training young people in evangelism and setting them lose to spread the fire of the Gospel through their communities. Today, the Foxfires operate through four separate programs in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. They receive two months of training at the beginning of the year and serve the Lord in full-time evangelism for the rest of that year, doing outreach programs in schools and colleges, visiting homes, putting on skits and worship programs across the cities of Africa. All in the name of Jesus.

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