Our Mission

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus is the heartbeat of African Enterprise. Mission

African Enterprise has been evangelising the cities of Africa through mission, in WORD and DEED, in partnership with local churches for over 50 years! We’ve only just begun…

Our passion to proclaim the Gospel is carried out primarily through evangelistic outreaches, or ‘missions’ , in the major cities of Africa.  We believe that all people – from street children to presidents – need to hear and be changed by the Gospel!
Cassidy on Mission in Africa

Our Mission

To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.

Our Core Values
  • We are team based – seeking to form strategic partnerships and alliances
  • We are committed to reaching every strata of society holistically
  • We seek to bring peace where there is conflict
  • We are committed to the authority of scripture and adhere to the Lausanne Covenant statement of faith
Our Mission is accomplished in the following ways:
  • Gospel Proclamation

    The Gospel is at the core of what we do. Our missions are holistic and aim to engage entire cities with the good news of Jesus Christ. Local churches are encouraged in evangelism, pastors are trained in theology and the Gospel is spread to every sector of society. In 2015 alone, African Enterprise reached over 400,000 people with the Gospel. We’re making big impact in Africa and you can be part of it.
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  • Peacebuilding & Reconciliation

    African Enterprise desires to bring peace to where there is conflict. We’ve been working to bring peace in South Sudan since the violent outbreaks began in 2013. We’re currently working with Parliamentarians in South Sudan to bring reconciliation to government leaders. Peace and Reconciliation workshops are held for grass-roots and church leaders to teach those impacted by the violence how to forgive and come together as a community.
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  • Leadership Development

Poor Leadership is a major issue in Africa. We believe that the best thing a leader can do is submit to Christ and lead with godliness and humility. During our missions, we actively engage with leaders at every level of society. From presidents to local cheifs! Communities and nations have been impacted by our work!
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  • Community Development

    Demonstrating Christ’s love in action is a vital part of bringing people to the knowledge of Christ. All AE’s mission outreach is complimented by a community development project. We also have long-term community developmennt projects around Africa. These projects bring hope and healing to those who need it most. From teaching marketable skills to former prostitutes to building toilets in the slums. The impact is truly inspirational. Click below to find out how you can be involved!
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Our projects across Africa include:

Sewing Programs for Vulnerable Women
Pastors Theology Courses
Slum Sanitation Projects
HIV/AIDS Education and Support